We’ve just been out having lives and shit. Yeah, shit’s boring, I know.

Did find something random in the archives though. Decided to share it with yall.

Lemme know what you think of this turd.

We’re still alive. Promise.

Gig Log Part 2 – Summer 2012

BassnBass went offline and meatspace for S/S 2012 season. So many parties , so many big ups , so many freakouts , so many moments. We had a few shaky cams to capture what we could, but it continues to be a case of you should have been there. Greets to the team, new friends made and good times shared. This definitely has become a lifestyle.

Been a while since I’ve done one of these :]


Events Around Town – Week of 06-17-2012

Away From Dancefloor -
Need a Name

Hailing from "Outerspace, Italy",
Need A Name is channelling something galactic into the murky depths of the Soundcloud soup. This particular track took me on a calm and measured journey to somewhere familiar. Check out his other music , you won't be disappointed.

Events Around Town: Week of

After last week's flurry of festivals, there's nothing HUGE huge happening this week, but plenty of awesome events.